SEACoBB 2018


IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science Volume 593

The South-East Asian+ Conference on Biodiversity and Biotechnology 2018 5-7 November 2018, Purwokerto, Indonesia

Accepted papers received: 19 October 2020
Published online: 19 November 2020

Tanggal Pelaksanaan


The Southeast Asian region covering Sundaland, Wallacea, Philippines, and Indo-Burma is unusually high in biodiversity and endemicity. Areas with pristine environments, as well as cities, hold an enormous potential of undiscovered species. Valuable resources that have yet to be explored from the area provide an ecosystem function and services to support human welfare. One such resource is the peatlands found in nearly all countries across Southeast Asia.

Global climate change that can cause the extinction of biological resources is accelerated by human impact, including excessive exploitation of biological resources, an introduction of foreign species, and habitat conversions. An ecosystem sensitive to conversion is peatlands. With their expertise, scientists can develop research projects to explore biological resources available through biotechnology in maintaining biodiversity while utilizing it for human welfare.

SEACoBB provides a forum for scientists interested in biodiversity and biotechnology to discuss their findings for maintaining sustainable environments. It is also a forum to create or strengthen the networks among scientists. We accommodate four symposia covering 1) Peatland: recent status and future management, 2) Biotechnology: the use of bioresources and securing biodiversity, 3) Ecosystem health in support of sustainable ecosystem services, and 4) Discovery of biodiversity and their evolution in a degraded ecosystem. Speakers and participants from several countries attended the SEACoBB. A total of 144 articles have been presented of both oral dan poster presentations, and 37 of them are published in this conference proceedings.

We would like to thanks all the parties that give great support to the conference organized by the Biology Faculty of Universitas Jenderal Soedirman and the Peatland Restoration Agency, Republic of Indonesia, all keynote speakers, invited speakers, participants, also steering and organizing committee.

The Editors:
Dr. Romanus Edy Prabowo
Dr. Jocelyn T Zarate
Prof. Dr. Mitsuru Osaki
Dr. Haris Gunawan
Prof. Dr. Imam Widhiono
Dr. Ardhini Rin Maharning
Dr. Erwin Riyanto Ardli
Dr. Agus Nuryanto


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