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Muslim Student Activity Unit

Muslim Student Activity Unit is one of the student activities unit in the Faculty of Biology which active in preaching activity. UKMI officially recognized by the faculty in 1994 and named as “Kabinet Profesional 2013”



"Bangun Daya Pikir, Jalin Ukhuwah, Menuju Perubahan"



Realizing an Islamic and intellectual campus by repair the people.



UKMI has several missions, which are:

1.      Popularizing Islam from campus

2.      Create a quality cadre of muslim intellectual

3.      Professional work realizing in preaching 



The purpose of UKMI as a preaching institution faculty are:

1.      Enforcing syi'ar and campus preaching

2.      Establish an Islamic student with Islamic personality

3.      Fostering Muslim brotherhood

4.      Making UKMI as a professional organization in realizing its vision and mission



The structure organization of UKMI are as follows:


Research Council


General secretary-and his staff

General treasurer


Department of Development and Cadre (DPP-UKMI)

Department of syi'ar

Department of Islamic (Formerly Fikrunnisa)

Department of Entrepreneurship (KWU)

Department of Public Relations (PR) 


In addition there are some Semi-Autonomous Institutions (LSO) which are in a place of UKMI management. The purpose and function is to accommodate the actualization of the potential of Muslim students who are not accommodated by UKMI directly and also helps UKMI work. UKMI has 2 LSO which include:


Lso ILPUS (Scientific Library)

Lso DKM (Prosperity Council Mosque)



Every year UKMI has interesting activities and useful course for students. Some of the activities organized by UKMI include of:


Seminar indigenus

UKMI Open House

Social Services

Members traning

Public Relations training

Rihlah / picnic and contemplation of nature

Islamic Great Day Celebration)

Akbar gathering

Reproduction seminars

Hijab Days

Super Moslem School

Forum Alumni

Expo and Bazaar UKMI


PKM Workshop

TOGA and Herb Planting Festival

Book Review

Career & Sharing and others 


UKMI achievements, including: The winner of LCT Islamic Fair Unsoed in 2010 and 2011, the finalists of ICI PIMNAS 2011 at Hasanuddin University Makassar, the finalist of ICI Youth Power UGM in 2011, the winner of ICI KIMI 2012, Student Achievement In 2011, student exchange at Arizona University, USA in 2012, and others.



Pelantikan Pengurus UKMI Fabio Unsoed 2013

Rihlah UKMI Kabinet Profesional 2013, Cilacap

Training Anggota UKMI, Kalibagor

Juara II LKTI KIMI, MIPA untuk Negeri (MUN), UI Depok

There is some info about UKMI. Hope can be a way to know more closely and increase the sense of brotherhood among the students of Biology.  


"Every place is a place to learn and each time is an opportunity to improve themselves" 


Sekretariat UKMI :

Komplek Sekretariat Bersama Fakultas Biologi Unsoed:

Jl. Dr. Soeparno No. 63 Karangwangkal, Purwokerto, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Web Blog : http://ukmifabiopeduli.wordpress.com

Profil UKMI : http://bio.unsoed.ac.id

Facebook : UKMI Fabio Unsoed, Twitter : @ukmibiounsoed

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