Faculty of Biology

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Teaching Laboratory

The functions of laboratories in Faculty of Biology UNSOED are as media for knowledge development and services to community.
The laboratory scope include academic, research, publication and community services.
To make biology field and its excellent application by developing relevance natural resources with national development needs and contribute to solve public issue.

  1. Improving the facilities and laboratory services quality
  2. Improving the staff skill by joining degree and non-degree training
  3. Create qualified and professional students with biological knowledge and skill using natural resources

Drs. Juwarno, MP
Vice Coordinator:
Dra. Wiwik Herawati, M.Si.
Dra. Dyah Fitri K, M.P.
Drs. Lucky Prayoga, M.Si.
Indrariningrum, A.Md.
Teaching Laboratory is responsible to the practice activities and is equipped with supporting infrastructures. Teaching Laboratory serves practice activities for student of Biology Faculty, users from Unsoed, and civil community. In addition, Teaching Laboratory serves Inverted Microscope and Flourescent Microscope which are equipped with digital camera for research purpose.
1.Stereo Microscope                   12 units
2.Light Microscope                      30 units
3.Inverted Microscope                   1 unit
4.Brightfield Microscope                4 units
5.Digital-Photo For Microscope     1 unit

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