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Student Press Agency Bioma

Student Press Agency of the Faculty of Biology Jenderal Soedirman University named BioMA is a student activity unit established in 1984. Student Press Agency BIOma Faculty of Biology, University Jenderal Soedirman was established by decree of the Dean Kept 109 / PT30.0 / 0.1984, then renewed with Dean's Decree 45 / PT30.H.4 / FB/0.1993.

LPM BIOma is a place to hold creation and creativity are intended for residents of biology who has the talent and ability in the field of journalism. BIOma derived from the word "bioma" which means a group of terrestrial ecosystems (including animals) on a continent that structure and fisioknomi (external appearance) the same vegetation, the same properties of its environment, as well as the characteristics. BIOma written by the first 3 letter is capitalized and the next letter is a small, to distinguish it from the name of an association with a major in biology from a university in Makassar. BIOma was born in 1996, the institute was given the mandate to develop talents and interests and biology students, as well as increasing the role of biology students in developing academic freedom, to train and prepare biology students interested in journalism.

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