Faculty of Biology

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Scholarship are awarded to students of the Faculty of Biology, such as :

  1. Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (PPA) / (Improving Academic Achievement) scholarship [Angkatan 2008-2010 | 2011]
  2. Bantuan Belajar Mahasiswa (BBM) / (Student Learning Assistance) scholarship [Angkatan 2008-2010 | 2011]
  3. PT. Djarum scholarship
  4. Bank Indonesia scholarship
  5. BRI schoolarship
  6. Bidik Misi scholarship
  7. Pertamina schoolarship
  8. Supersemar (Supersemar Foundation) scholarship
  9. Salim Foundation scholarship
  10. Damandiri Foundation scholarship
  11. Orbit Foundation scholarship
  12. Poligon scholarship

General Requirements

  1. Actively registered as a Unsoed student
  2. Originate from not capable families
  3. Have high academic achievement
  4. Not receiving / purposed other schoolarship / tuition dispensation
  5. Fill out the curriculum vitae form
  6. Attach income certificate of parents which legally by the competent authority / salary slip
  7. Not working and married
  8. For those who pass the selection of the faculty are required to make a proposal Student Creativity Programme (PKM) or paper to be published later

Specific Requirements

Specific requirements very greatly depending on the giver number of scholarship

PPA (Improving Academic Achievement)

  1. S1 student, min. in semester II and max. in semester IV and D3 min. in semester II and max. in semester VI
  2. GPA min. 3,00
  3. Having a bank account

BBM (Student Learning Assistance)

  1. GPA 2,50
  2. Originate from not capable families, evidenced by a certificate from villages
  3. Having a bank account

Djarum Scholarship

  1. S1 Regular program
  2. Taking the semester V or VI
  3. GPA min. 3,00
  4. Student condition deserving for scholarship
  5. Pass the interview and psychological test
  6. Photo by wear almamater jackets with light gray background

Supersemar Scholarship

  1. Originate from not capable families
  2. Minimal taking the semester III - X
  3. GPA min. 2,50.

BRI Scholarship

  1. Taking the semester IV and have take 90 credits
  2. Originate from not capable families
  3. GPA min. 2,75
  4. Age max. 23 years old at the time of nomination
  5. Not working or in the other agencies

Bidik Misi Scholarship

  1. For S1 and D3 student which are not capable
  2. Providing scholarship for S1 = 4 years, D3 = 3 years
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