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Student Association Bio Symphoni

Student Association Bio Symphoni  (HMBS) stands on May 22, 1999, altough still fairly young but HMBS continues to show its presence in the faculty and university level. HMBS is the organization which is concern on the talent of music.


Being the center of the development of art music that is able to accommodate and channel interests, talents and creativity in the arts of music


1. Organizes training to develop the art of music
2. Organizing the appreciation of art and music to accommodate channel interests, talents and creativity in the field of art music.

Some activities of Student Association Bio Symphoni  :

1. Acceptance of New Members 

Admission of New Members (PAB) This activity is on the schedule every year which is usually held at the beginning of the new school year, the goal is to accommodate students who like biology in the field of music or learn to organize and PAB also for regeneration organization.

2. Bio Symphoni Anniversary

Bio Symphoni Anniversary is also an activity wich is held every year. This activity is carried on in order to celebrate the birthday of Bio Symphoni as well as to appreciate the art of music for the members Bio Symphoni

3.  Social Activity

Social Activity Bio Symphoni held regularly every year with different events every year, such as the Free Medical, break the fast together with Orphanage Children. Implementation of Bio Symphoni social service is a form of concern for the surrounding community.

The management arrangement of Student Association Bio Symphoni  (HMBS)

of the Biology Faculty

in 2012


Dra. Purnomowati, S.U.

(Dean of the Biology Faculty)

Responsible person

Drs. Agus Nuryanto, S.Si., M.Si.

(Vice Dean III of the Biology Faculty)

The Governing Board Dra. Endang Ariyani Setyowati, M.Si.  
Cheif leader
Dwi Nurcahyo A. B1J009048
Secretary Diah Yusniar B1J010075
General Treasurer Rizky Anisa Hakim B1J010033

-Finance and Administration staff

Ririn Fahrun Nisa

Coordinating organizational Swasto Widyatomo B1J009104
-Secretariat Division Azmiel Azhari B1J011081
-Division Membership Nur Azami Mardika B1J011093
-Public Relations Division Ana Yuliana B1J009157
Coordinating Operational Art Music Sarah A. Pramesti B1J010073
-Training Division Gyneaeri Aisyah Hayom W. B1J011153
-Division of Production and Creative Triambogo Andika G B0A011003


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