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Student Association of Bio-Explorer

Established on June 2, 1991 in Purwokerto, Bio-Explorer aims to accommodate students of Faculty of Biology UNSOED interest in the outdoors and sports field about nature. within the academic community of the Faculty of Biology, Bio-Explorer has a very important task in the implementation of science primarily directed to the preservation of the environment. Exploration activity biodiversity and wild life are the main activities carried out throughout the year.

Is about nature, making Bio-Explorer into a student organization that has more value the ability to roam the field studies were conducted. During this time, Bio-Explorer provides a very important contribution on scientific information coming from the forests in the region of ex-residency of Banyumas is rarely touched by humans. Therefore, Bio-Explorer always equip the members with the ability to exercise outdoors, such as hiking, rock climbing, white water rafting, cave searches, as well as management control of the journey to the wild. As a field researcher, since the beginning of joining, the members of Bio-Explorer always emphasized to familiarize themselves with the observation of ecosystems, giving more attention to environmental issues, as well as contributing to the effort to preserve endangered species and protected.

As an organization that is close to the region of Mount Slamet, since 1998 Bio-Explorer makes the preservation of forests of Mount Slamet be the main agenda of the organization. It is not to much if between environmentalists both regionally and nationally, Bio-Explorer is known as an organization that has a strong commitment to the preservation of the forests of Mount Slamet. In international level, Bio-Explorer has been a part of the Asian Raptor Research and Conservation (ARRC) since 2000, bird migration monitoring network of the northern hemisphere. Even Bio-Explorer is one of the contributors of data that make the region Slamet is an important area of migratory birds that ultimately termed “the bottle neck” is a place where the migration path eventually split into two paths. Activities that have been implemented include Bio-Explorer Expedition Segara Mangrove Saplings, periodically Documenting Biodiversity Forest Area Mount Slamet, National Bird Observation Competition (quinquennial agenda), as well as other activities that support academic activities at the Faculty of Biology, especially the study of the taxonomy and ecology.

For students who want to become researchers outdoors and wild life, we wait for your participation to work for environmental sustainability (Bio-Explorer, 2010).

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