Faculty of Biology

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Ecotoxicology Laboratory


To be a consistent laboratory in developing indigenous species to solve environment problems sustainably.



  1. Improving the services quality to create competitive graduates to solve environment problems.
  2. Improving the result of the research and publication to further knowing the impact and how to solve the environment pollution.
  3. Improving the community services in solving environment problems.



Head of Laboratory: 

Drs. Slamet Priyanto, MS


Sri Lestari, S.Si., M.Si.


  1. Drs. Slamet Santoso SP, MS
  2. Drs. Hernayanti, M.Si.


Ecotoxicology Laboratory activities include:

  1. Hold services functions for student practice.
  2. Improving the relevant knowledge with competency to create qualified competitive graduates to solve environment problems.
  3. Hold research on indigenous species development to solve biotic-abiotic pollution.
  4. Disseminate information of research results that can solve environmental problems.
  5. Establish cooperation with related agencies and organizations through community services.
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