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Blue Diving Club

Blue Diving Club (BDC) is a unit of Student Activities at the field dive Faculty of Biology, Jenderal Soedirman University. BDC was formed on 22 December 2000 BDC was initiated by some students of the Faculty of Biology who have the same interest, which is then developed into swimming and diving activities. BDC diving activities focus on scientific-diving and activities that refers to the vision of this organization, to explore and develop the potential of marine. BDC also several times been involved in athletic activities and SAR. BDC annual routin event such as : among others; participate in reef-check, certification, training and rescue, maritime jamboree with all Indonesian diving team, race-fins-swimming also working closely with the Navy.

Vision Blue Diving Club:
Explore and develop the potential of marine.

Mission Blue Diving Club:
Unite and actualize interest and constructive thinking about marine.

Website : www.bluedivingclub.org | Facebook : Blue Diving Club

Accomplishments achieved by the BDC, including: participant Solving World Record Most Shared diving in the waters of Bunaken, Winner of the 1000 and 2000 meters race-fins-Swimming in Kendal, Central Java, National Maritime Jamboree participants in the Thousand Islands, the participants in the National Reef Check Islands Karimun Jawa, participants release of hatchlings in the Thousand Islands, participants mangrove planting 1000 trees in the Thousand Islands, the Coral Planting participants in the Thousand Islands.

Photo BDC member participation in “World Diving Record - Sail Bunaken 2009”


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