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Biology English Society

BESt is able to compete in the developed globalitation era especially with English.

Mission :
(1) to improve its member’s skill in English, especially its organizers, and (2) to create atmosphere that supports the use of English in every organization activity.

In this globalization era, people are required to achieve a better self quality, one of which is by having English skill. Biology English society (BESt) is an organization in Faculty of Biology Unsoed that concerns with improving the English skill of all Biology students. As the English organization, BESt attempts to enhance the student’s English skill and capability. English is an international language that is commonly used by countries around the world to communicate to each other. So, if we want to engage in such activity involving people of foreign countries, English is the key. Other than communication, English is a tool to understand the world, particularly, world of Biology since most of scientific references and text books are written in this language. These are at least two reasons that make English is important.

Biology English society gets its name from Biology English study Forum (BESt Forum) that was established on 25 September 2005. Then, it changed to Biology English Study Club (BESt Club) before it has finally become Biology English Society (BESt) since November 2008  .In order to familiarize English in Biology and to improve the student’s skill, BESt has set up many programs including Gathering, English Contest, BESt Goes to School, Debate Community, Incredible Class, and Toefl Prediction. These programs are run with more fun thus more attractive. With this in mind, we learn English in such conducive atmosphere. As we know, many people are worry even to learn English but in BESt, student involvement in such conversation is encouraged. Understanding English in context of Biological world is supported as well. In BESt we share all about learning English and how to use it in our daily life as a student and as a person.

Structure of organizer BESt 2013-2014

Consultative Board
Muhammad Abdullah Kamal Mukhtar
Adin Wahyu Pratama
Rio Rahmanandika Saputra


Anwar Rovik

Vice President
Korrie Salsabila

Devina Andayani

Chairunisa Fadhilah

English Development Department
Debri Swastika)
Rezky Rohmah Pertiwi
Gita Rahmayanti

Human Resource Department (HRD)
Amalia RizQytiasti
Lifa Chotima
Evelyn Tjasmana

Creative, Innovative, and Applicative (CIA)
Utami Hartati
Firda Isdianto
Listiani Cahayaning Diasari

Public Relations Department)
Dini Astrianis M.
Nael Huda Qonita
Achmad Zulfiqri

Equipment and Tools Deparment 
Khairina Femiliani Yudiawan
Ilham Amrulloh
Nurul Amalia

Best management work program year 2013-2014 is fixed to the GBHK, AD / ART, also the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, namely education, research, and community service. Best activities during the management period 2013-2014, as follows:

English debate community (CIA Department)

This activity is one of the event to improve the ability to speak English, because the debates are not only required to submit supporting arguments, but also have to use the English language properly, so that all listeners know what we mean in the debate.In 2013 there are various debates with various levels of competition. One is the 14th IFDC (Inter Faculty Debating Championship) held in UNSOED on 10 to 13 May 2013 that last. Not overlooked, Best delegation was sent two teams to follow the schedule. In addition, there are other various debate competitions, such as JOVED, IVED, Bawor Cup, and others. Best team of the debate in 2012 was able to reach the semifinals at the Cup Bawor (national debate agenda). In addition, Best also always send delegates as adjudicator (the reviewers in the debate) in various debate events. Accomplishments achieved debate is 12th IFDC Quarter Finalists represented by Ayu Rahayu, Gisti Rahmawati and Retno Julianan. IFDC 13th Octo Finalist represented by Utami Brahmantio, Ivi Rosalina and Siti Nur Azizah. IFDC 14th Octo Finalist represented by Firda Isdianto, Revo and Chika. Adjudicator interpretation is achieved Breaking Semi Final Adjudicator represented by Korrie Salsabila. All that is inseparable from the mentoring and training activities undertaken BEST to members and non-members. English debate community is open to the public all the students of the Faculty of Biology, UNSOED.

Solidarity of BESt (PR department)

This activity is implemented to support all members in carrying out the BEST of the three Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, that is the community service. These activities are usually carried out in the School-Elementary School (SD) in Banyumas. These activities include English language training to elementary school students, with the English game, and help support learning activity books. Coverage of English language training in these new activities include elementary grades 4-6. This activity took place in 2012 in SD 2 Baturaden, whereas in 2013 this in SD N 02 Pandak Baturraden on July 16, 2013 This event was added to the agenda of planting a variety of flowering plants in school area, as a small step campaign go green movement.

Training for members (ED Department)

English Development Department as the department wich responsible for the improvement of English proficiency BEST members, for the year 2103 is carrying out training activities for members. This activity is intended for internal member Best of all forces. Training for members covering a variety of topics, namely Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening, Tips and trick the TOEFL test, and TOEFL test. This training activity is divided into 4 sessions with each of the above topics on a regular basis. Given the importance of the TOEFL in registering a job, school, especially college abroad. So, best to hold this agenda on a regular basis every year.

Fellowship night is accepting new members from the agenda of the Best. This activities include written test, interview and evening familiarity conducted annually. This agenda aims to establish a general atmosphere of intimacy between members and administrators BEST, which is expected to form a dynamic organization and beneficial for all members in particular, and society in general.

English Festival (CIA department)

The activity of english festival this year contains various types of competition with basic English. This activity is part of the work program of Biology English Society, of Biology Faculty of UNSOED Purwokerto, Puwokerto. English Festival (E-Fest) in 2014 earmarked for youth with high love towards the environment, and culture especially English, this is where it's time you act. In this event, each participant will be asked to create a poster or essay to speak English at the national level. While the activities of the regional level (Banyumas) in the form of sing a song, short story writing, and speech contest.

types of competition:

  1. National Writing competition (for University and senior high school student) with theme “Ensure environmental sustainability”.
  2. National Poster competition (for University and senior high school student) with theme “water wishly, Please”.
  3. Sing a song (for University and senior high school student in Banyumas region). You may choose pop, soul, or jazz.
  4. Writing short story (for University and senior high school student in Banyumas region). You may choose horor, comedy, fantacy, or romance.
  5. Speech contest (for University student only in Jenderal Soedirman University) with theme “Fostering the Youth in Energy Crisis”.


Some documentation activities in 2013 as follows:




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