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Diversity And Distribution Genus Mystus Fish In Cingcingguling Central Java

JudulDiversity And Distribution Genus Mystus Fish In Cingcingguling Central Java
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsRukayah S, Rahardjo MF, Lestari W
Conference NameSeminar Nasional Biodiversity
Date PublishedMaret 2017
Conference LocationHotel University Club UGM
KeywordsCingcingguling River, distribution, Diversity, Mystus fish

Data about Mystus is not easy to be found in publicity, moreover it hasn’nt been found yet in Cingcingguling  river. The goal of the research is to figure out and to reveal  the diversity and ecological distribution manner based on the characteristic of the habitat. The survey method is purposive random sampling technique, May- October 2016. The diversity and the abudance are to be analyzed based on the amount and the species of the fish. The specis distribution is to be analyzed by correspondence factorial analysis. There  have been found  three species, they are Mystus Microchantus  455 fish (7,6 – 23.4 cm ), Mysthus sp. 240 fish (5,2 – 12,2 cm ), Mystus gulio 1,246 fish ( 3,4 – 35,8cm ). The Distribution of Mystus microchantus and Mystus sp generally has been found in the middle segment and lower course. \Mysthus gulio can be found in upper course, middle course and lower course. The best habitat for Mystus microchantus an Mystus sp in muddy slow stream.

IMG Diversity And Distribution Genus Mystus Fish(FILEminimizer).pdf789.08 KB