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Distinctivenes Of Termites Assemblges at Four Mount Sides In Production Forest Of Mount Slamet Central Java

JudulDistinctivenes Of Termites Assemblges at Four Mount Sides In Production Forest Of Mount Slamet Central Java
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPratiknyo H, Ahmad I, Budiyanto BH
Conference NameSeminar Nasional Biodiversitity
Date PublishedMaret 2017
Conference LocationHotel University Club UGM
Keywordsaltitude, humic-feeder, mount-side, production-forest

This study was done to compres the termite assemblges in production forest of Slamet Mounth Central Jav, sampled from south, north, west and east slope, on similar altitude (700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100 and and ≥ 1200) m asl ( above sea level ), to identify their distinctiviness, especially focused on diversity and abundance. To sample the ternite at four slope, the belt transect was used. Termites recorded were put into feeding group base on their taxonomic identity. Data analyzed by Shanon – Wiener Index, Simson index and anova. A total 11 species of termites in six genera belonging to four sub families and two families were recorded. Four species mostly wood feeder from northern slope are Schedorinotermes javanicus. Macrotermes gilvus, Odontotermes javanicus and Microtermes insperatus, while humic feeder termies abundant at west and east slope consists of Capritermessemarangi, Paricapritermes javanicus, P. dolicocephalus, Procapritermes spp, Nasutitermesmatangensis, N. matangensiformis and Bulbitermes spp. Species Schedorinotermes javanicus is the one and only cosmopolities in all of altitudes from all of slope, Procapritermes spp and Bulbitermes spp were species inhabiting in humic habitat under Pinus trees but each specific at south and west slope. In this study, the Slope affect significantly ( P< 0,05, where Fcal = 62.575 and sig=0,000) on species diversity while altitudes ≥ 1200 m affect on abundance significantly (P<0.05, where Fcal=8,611 and sig=0.00). The conclusion is slope affect on diversity of termites significantly but it affect on abundance unsignificantly, while altitudes affect on both diversity an abundance unsignificantly.

IMG Distinctivines Of Termites Assemblages 2.pdf1.1 MB